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Meet Debbie

7 Things You Should Know About the Real Life Debbie

It may surprise you, but the “Debbie” of Debbie’s Dispensary is a real-life Debbie! And she’s more than just a name, a logo, or a dispensary brand. Debbie is a real person with real passion, real stories, and real love for her patients.

Here are seven things you should know about the Debbie behind Debbie’s Dispensary:

1. She’s been here since the beginning.

Debbie started working with her brother Curtis (founder and CEO of Debbie’s Dispensary) since day one. Having helped him with his previous business ventures, when it came time to tackle the medical marijuana industry, Debbie’s passion for the medicinal properties of cannabis made her involvement a no-brainer. “I started out cutting payroll checks,” Debbie recalls, “managing the small retail store in Mohave Valley, making operational decisions for our grow farm. I was a budtender, I did the computer entries. I did it all!” Since its first approved dispensary license in 2012, Debbie’s Dispensary has grown to more locations across Arizona. “Now that we’ve grown, I’m able to help build this brand, to expand our unique dispensary experience.”

2. She didn’t know it was going to be called “Debbie’s Dispensary.”

“When Curtis first told me he was calling the business ‘Debbie’s Dispensary,’ he was facetiming me while I was in my garage, having a beer,” Debbie remembers. “I was all, ‘Are you sure, Curtis?’ I thought it was a joke! But I’ve embraced it. Curtis has never failed me before — I knew that if this was what he wanted, I was on board.”

3. She’s passionate about her patients.

Many of Debbie’s early patients were dealing with serious issues, issues she could relate to. “Cannabis has really helped me. It’s helped me not put bad things in my body. To be able to help my patients get through some really tough times — it’s a huge blessing. I’ve been in most of my patients’ shoes — I’ve had similar issues and I can relate.” In her new role as brand ambassador, Debbie is excited to focus even more time on her ever-growing list of patients. “If I’m in a dispensary, I better be talking with every patient. I’m not there to look at the books or the finances anymore — I’m there for the patients at the counter, to help them in that moment.”

“To be able to help my patients get through some really tough times — it’s a huge blessing. I’ve been in most of my patients’ shoes — I’ve had similar issues and I can relate.”

4. She’s a good listener.

Instead of simply trying to sell the latest and greatest trend in medicinal marijuana, Debbie understands the value of listening to her patients. “They’ll tell me what they need, as long as I listen. I want them to share their stories with me. Every patient is different, and I’m learning new things from them all the time.”

5. She’s running a different kind of business.

“I didn’t get into this industry for the business,” Debbie states. “I got into this to improve people’s lives.” This sentiment holds true for employees and patients alike. “I want my employees to know me. They’re a family to me. Hopefully Debbie’s Dispensary is more than just a dollar in the hand. It’s a community.”

6. She’s committed to giving back.

From building Little League fields to renovating computer labs, when it comes to charitable giving, Debbie’s Dispensary gives generously. “When my son was in T-ball, I signed up to volunteer. I spent every day in the snack bar, and couldn’t even see my kid play! I knew I wanted to help financially, so people could go watch their kids instead of running around trying to find money.” And that’s just one example. Debbie’s Dispensary has given back more than $300,000 to the local Mohave Valley community, ranging from youth organizations to veteran’s groups. “A donation can go further than just me alone,” Debbie adds.

7. She has plenty of stories to share.

From tales of growing up in Mohave Valley with her brothers to emotional patient testimonials, Debbie has an endless supply of stories to share. All you have to do is ask.

On Curtis, Debbie’s Dispensary founder and CEO: “He’s my hero. I believe in him 100%. We used to get in fights and I’m sure I annoy him sometimes, but he’s everything to me. He’s the reason I’m able to give back to the community. He allows me to pursue my passion and help my patients.”

On her mom: “All the good I talk about doing is because of my mom. My mom raised me to be that person.”

On her approach to patients: “I’m approachable, compassionate — I’m there for you, not the business. I’m a judgement-free zone! No matter who you are, I’m going to treat you the same way. I’m a patient myself, and my concerns are about you.”

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