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Find out what weed can do for our community.

A huge part of our history is rooted in community. That’s why, since day one, Debbie’s Dispensary has been tuned-in and devoted to our local community needs. There are so many things that weed can do for our community.

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… Build a baseball field
— We helped fund and build the Mohave Valley Little League Baseball field, the same field Debbie and Curtis played on while growing up!

… Sponsor middle school computer labs — Giving local students the opportunity and the educational tools they need to succeed is so important to us.

… Buy toys for children in need — Our local fire department holds their yearly Toys for Tots Christmas collection program — and it’s one of our favorite events. Our participation ensures each child gets something on their list, putting smiles on so many little faces!

… Help Military Moms —
Sending more than 400 care packages to deployed troops, planning welcome home celebrations, and supporting veterans are just a few of the goals of Military Moms — and we love to help.

… Provide relief — Cannabis is an increasingly popular alternative to opioid-based pain management. Many of our patients deal with chronic pain and related health issues, turning to the natural compounds found in cannabis for symptom relief.

… Give peace to hospice patients — Our donations help nurses and social workers lovingly meet the needs of their patients — many who are living one day at a time — regardless of their financial circumstances.

… Support youth education
— From educational field trips to out-of-town sports tournaments, we want to make sure every small-town kid can dream big.

… Provide for cancer survivors — From wigs to head coverings, gas money to meals, co-pays to prescriptions, our donations help cancer survivors with the day-to-day costs of survival. No one should face this journey alone.

Here’s what a few of our awesome nonprofit partners have to say about our work together:

“Debbie’s generous donations have enabled Tri-State Military Moms to purchase food items, toiletries, and other items for the packages sent to deployed troops overseas, as well as the cost of mailing each one. These contributions also make possible ‘welcome home’ celebrations when service men and women return from deployment, in addition to helping local veterans as individual needs arise. Thank you to Debbie’s Dispensary from the bottom of our hearts!”

— Sue Tani, Military Moms Representative


“Debbie’s generosity to Hospice of Havasu is a light that continues to shine brightly on so many of our elderly patients and their families. These gifts give us the opportunity to lovingly meet their needs, regardless of financial circumstance.”

— Amy Dickens Devine, Hospice of Havasu Medical Social Worker


“Debbie’s is bringing back the field of dreams with the rebuilding of our local Mohave Valley Little League baseball field. Without their generous donation, more than 240 kids may not have had the opportunity to play baseball — and on a field they can be proud of.”

— Drew Lively, Mohave Valley Little League Board Member


“Debbie’s donations bring smiles and safety to our Pop Warner River Valley Vipers football program. Their continued concern that no child gets left behind due to financial issues is backed up by the amazing donations they provide to our program year after year. Their contributions have also enabled us to purchase newer, safer equipment for our players. We are proud to have their support.”

— Joe Yoney, River Valley Vipers President


“There is no greater joy than giving back to the community! Having Debbie’s continued support during our Toys for Tots Christmas program has allowed us to purchase big items like bicycles, skateboards, and scooters for the underprivileged boys and girls in our community.”

— Vinnie Lambert, Fort Mohave Valley Fire Fighter

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